Unleash Your Arrow

Drop the hammer on the competition. Octane's TripWire brings you the support your arrow needs while vanishing at a moment's notice. It's no secret that one of the most vital accessories on your bow is your rest. Rest assured that your TripWire is field tested and field ready. Unleash your arrow with the TripWire.


Arrow Support on the Shot

This arrow rest drops at a triggered rate allowing the launcher to stay up, giving your arrow full support and guidance resulting in easy tunability and pin point accuracy.

Extreme Drop Speeds

The TripWire drops at blinding speeds allowing for crisp, clean forgiveness as well as optimum fletching clearance.

Up Position Launcher

This arrow rest can be drawn and let down while the launcher stays in the up position allowing for a quieter, easier draw with less arrow jump and movement.

No Cable Distortion

The TripWire rest is not rigidly coupled to the power cable. This ensures that the rest will not effect the draw cycle and or let off of the bow. Resulting in quick tune ability and better accuracy.

Easy Setup and Tune

The TripWire is designed to save time and frustration in the shop and in the field. The quick set up and easy tuning of our new Octane rest makes for instant results in accuracy.

Hunting Ready Launcher

This piece of precision technology comes to you ready to go. No more arrow holders, fleece pads, or rubber dampening strips. This new titanium launcher is over molded with an abrasion resistant dampening material for absolute silence on the draw and no noise or vibration on the shot.


Octane's TripWire Arrow Rest fits most major bow brands that have standard Berger holes. It will not fit properly on Hoyt models.