Time to Settle Down

There’s plenty of reason to get worked-up over our piston based stabilizer. Just keep in mind that every facet of its engineering is meant to do just the opposite.


Vibration Dampening Cutouts

The engineered cutouts dissipate vibrations caused by the bow, creating a quiet and balanced shot.

Central Dampening Tube

The inner tube of the stabilizer contains a proprietary dampening material that absorbs any vibration from the bow, providing increased shootability and a quiet shot.

Ultra-Light Stabilizer Tube

Engineered cutouts provide the lightest, stiffest tube possible. The bulk of the weight is placed at the far end of the stabilizer to magnify the stabilizing effect.

Piston Shock Dampening

The piston action directs any movement away from the bow and toward the target, eliminating vertical, horizontal and lateral stabilizer movement. In addition to the dampening attributes, Octane stabilizers enhance accuracy by keeping the bow in line with the target during launch, taming any torque induced by the shooter.