Performance Booster

The Octane One-Piece Quiver cannot be considered just an accessory to the bow. From the beginning Octane introduced a design that rewrote the list of expectations from a quiver. It's engineered to actually enhance a bow's physics to work in favor of the hunter.

WARNING: Strong Magnetic Force


Magnetic Hood Insert

The course of quiver design history just got altered with Octane's breakthrough technology. The magnetic hood insert holds arrows using rare earth magnets rather than foam. Arrows are inserted and removed "click-free" and without any of the noise associated with foam.

Self-Centering Loading: Strong magnetic force draws the arrow to the exact center position of a dimpled rubber housing and protects the arrow tips and blades.

Foam Free Arrow Retention: Prevents degradation of the broadhead edges over time and prevents unwanted deployment of expandable broadhead blades.

Angular Adjustment

The Octane one-piece quiver allows angular adjustment to suit a wider range of bow and arrow combinations and individual preference.


More than six inches of vertical and horizontal adjustment make this quiver compatible with virtually any bow with any length arrow. Adjusts horizontally to balance the bow for increased accuracy and vertically for personal preference and to prevent arrow extension beyond the bow. No more dirt packed nocks.

Tool-Free Silent Detach

The Octane One-Piece Quiver can be attached and detached by hand in a single motion. No tools and Delrin® connections mean absolute silence. Mounting tension can be adjusted to please tree-stand hunters and stalkers alike.

Vibration Dampening

Traditional quivers create additional vibration. Octane's hood, gripper and machined aluminum spine act together to actually remove it. The quiver just became another line of defense against vibration.

Silent Arrow Extraction

A simple press of the thumb removes each arrow from the gripper with absolutely no noise. This proprietary gripper design also provides stiffer retention to prevent the loss of arrows in the field.

Pre-Cut Closed Foam Insert

Pre-cuts extend foam life by preventing unwanted cuts while maintaining broadhead sharpness. The closed-cell foam contains a corrosion inhibitor with no oil residue or smell, keeping the broadhead blades rust free over time.

Parallel Arrow Mounting

The hood/gripper geometry holds arrows absolutely parallel to one another for easier extraction. Parallel alignment prevents the vanes from touching and dampens vibration and noise.